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FileListCommand component

Obtain a list of files for the remote session.
interface with the same name but lowercase initial is encapsulated. The specific source code is as follows: https://github.com/aoyiduo/woterm/blob/main/woterm/js/async.js
Its reference example:

The core code is as follows:

import FileListCommand 1.0

FileListCommand {
   id: fileList

asyncGenerator(function *(){
    Playbook.log("command start.")
    fileList.hosts = hosts.text.split(',')
    yield fileListCommand(fileList, pathRemote.text, function(host, code){
       for(let id in fileList.fileInfos) {
          let fi = fileList.fileInfos[id]
          let msgs = []
          for(let key in fi) {

    Playbook.log("command finish.")

The Property list is as follows:
QString path: Specify the path to the file list.
QVariantList fileInfos:Information about the file list, including file name, permissions, directory or file attributes, file size, and other attributes.
QStringList fileNames: the list of file names.