In order to develop this product, we have invested a lot since November 2019. This is mainly because we have too much ambition and do not want to overly rely on open source. We always hope to have some core technologies that can be mastered.

We believe that we do not have the ability to develop a communication protocol similar to SSH and promote it globally. However, we are confident in developing a professional text terminal that supports VT100 / VT102 / VT220, among others.

After the successful development of text terminals, VNC graphics terminals and their servers have also been developed and opened up. Although they are still weak, they have great growth potential and the future is promising.

Since they are all cross platform, why use C++’s Qt development instead of using scripting languages such as Javascript/Java? Because we cherish and value every resource of our users, including CPU and memory, while also cherishing our growth opportunities.
Terminals that use scripting languages will consume more user memory and CPU due to the continuous expansion and superposition of functions, ultimately causing stuttering or even interfering with user normal work. This is an inevitable result, and it is also the last thing we want to happen.

Sincerely hope that our application can be used with pleasure and without affecting users’ work even when permanently resident in the system. Do you look forward to such an application?

In terms of product pricing, we adopt an annual fee model, which is not very high, but also not very cheap. On average, it costs about one lunch box per month. We hope that friends in need can provide more support.

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Administrator mode: No
Session cloud synchronization: No
Other functions: Yes
Technical support support: No

Ultimate version

Administrator mode: Yes
Session cloud synchronization: Yes
Other functions: Yes
Technical support support: Yes

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