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License key and redeem code

1.License as follows

One license bind to one device, so before issuing the license, report the personal machine code first.

There are three types of licenses for the current software, namely trial version, campus version, and ultimate version. Their purposes are as follows:
Trial version: The validity period is one month, and its functions are consistent with the ultimate version. Each computer has an experience opportunity to evaluate whether the software is suitable and meets personal usage needs. If you like, you can purchase the ultimate version.
Campus version: The validity period is one year and is authorized for college students. Its functions may have some limitations compared to the ultimate version.
Ultimate version: Valid for up to five years, with no restrictions on functionality.

2.Redeem code as follows

The redemption code is generated to reduce the complexity of manually reporting machine codes. During the redemption process, the machine code and the type and validity information of the previous license are reported online. After being verified by the server backend, the license is automatically issued and bound to the local machine.

It has the following characteristics:
1.The start date of the license is calculated from the day of successful redemption.
2.After successful redemption, the code will become invalid, and the service backend will regularly clean up expired redemption codes.
3.The validity period for the use of the redemption code is one month. Once the code is obtained, it should be used as soon as possible.
4.The redemption code can be used cumulatively. For each accumulation, the validity period of the license will be increased by one year, and the license will also be reissued, with a maximum cumulative duration of no more than 3 years.
5.The redemption code is not associated with the machine code, so you can freely give it to others.
6.Only when purchasing the ultimate version, the redemption code be issued by default. One code can be redeem for the one-year ultimate version, and if purchasing the three-year ultimate version, three codes will be issued