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Line split mode

Due to the impact of data packet sticking, packet segmentation is necessary.

Segmented data is called row segmentation, as we strive to present it as rows of data.

This tool provides three segmentation methods, and users need to adopt corresponding data segmentation methods based on the data output characteristics of the device.

These three segmentation methods are:

1.no filter
If the device has control characters such as line breaks or VT100/102, the No filter method can be selected, and the terminal will decide how to display it.

2.Split by timeout
If the device outputs a segment of data at least every 300 milliseconds, a timeout segmentation method can be selected.

3.Split by hex string
If there are obvious separators such as curly braces on the device, a specific character segmentation method can be selected. To support invisible characters, only hexadecimal string input is supported.