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FileContentCommand component

Obtain the file content of the remote session.
Because it is executed asynchronously, in order to facilitate collaboration with async/await, a JS interface with the same name but lowercase initial is encapsulated. The specific source code is as follows: https://github.com/aoyiduo/woterm/blob/main/woterm/js/async.js
Its reference example:

The core code is as follows:

import FileContentCommand 1.0

FileContentCommand {
   id: fileContent

    fileContent.hosts = hosts.text.split(',')
    yield fileContentCommand(fileContent, fileRemote.text, true)
    Playbook.log("fileRead", fileContent.content);

The Property list is as follows:
QString filePath:[readable / writable], Set the path for remote files.
bool fileRead:[readable / writable], Set the file read and write mode, with a value of true to read the file content and a value of false to write the file content.
int maxFileSize: [readable / writable], When reading mode, only the maximum length of content can be read; When in write mode, if the content length exceeds this length, the write fails.
QByteArray content: [readable], File content.