WoTerm v9.27.1 release

v9.27.1 When locating SSH sessions in the session list of the toolbar, add an entry point for SFTP. Fix the issue where the password input box cannot pop up when login fails. Strengthen the multi selection of SFTP to make it more in line with Windows habits, and also add various capabilities such as permission …

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WoTerm v9.27.0 Release

The official version is released, implement license related functions. Desktop: Add the entry of creating a new session with the same name to the tab Desktop: Fixed the paste’s bug of the right mouse button without global configuration on terminal. Desktop: Fix the poor effect of font display when both the global and private configurations …

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v9.26.7 Release

v9.26.7 Desktop: Fix potential database encryption failure defects Desktop: Optimize for the defect of overlapping text between English main menu icons and SSH menus in Linux. Desktop: Optimize port binding permissions for RLogin, allowing connections to remote servers without ROOT permissions Android end: Add support for RLogin, and it is uncertain whether the special port …

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WoTerm v9.26.6 release

Desktop: Optimize font display to avoid being implicitly replaced by other fonts in the system when font coding is missing, resulting in garbled code behavior Desktop: Fix a bug where a password box may pop up when VNC login fails, which may cause a crashDesktop: Add a menu entry for session replication to achieve the …

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WoTerm v9.26.5 release

v9.26.5 Android terminal: Fix the defects of missing session attribute storage and incorrect login method display Android terminal: Fixed a bug where the system installation interface could not be popped up correctly due to insufficient startup permissions during Android automatic updates Android terminal: Fix the style error defect in the SSH password retype box Android …

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WoTerm v9.26.4 release

v9.26.4 Fix individual translation errors in database backup. Add a historical access menu to facilitate direct access to the target. Add the function of specifying local or remote paths for SFTP. Add SFTP’s upload function of dragging files into remote folders. The Android version was released, initially realizing the functions of SSH and SFTP.

WoTerm v9.26.3 Release

Support the import and use of ed25119 certificates. Optimize string output of serial port. 》》Increase the output split by special characters. 》》Add the right-click screen clearing function. Fix the initialization failure of local terminal row and column number in Window. Fix the ConPTY activation failure defect under Window10.

WoTerm v9.26.2 Release

Optimize font display, support importing external fonts, and use the best local font by default. After optimizing the session connection, make its input focus on the SHELL window, so that users can directly input content. Add the execution program modification of the local terminal, such as the switch between Powershell and cmd. Optimize the configuration …

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WoTerm v9.26.0 Release

Standardize the session management function, which can be divided into two categories: local session and remote session. The serial session is planned into the local session. In the local session, add the session function of opening the local terminal. In the serial port session, TCP/UDP port mode is added to support text or hexadecimal interaction, …

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WoTerm v9.25.0 Release

Add SFTP backup and merge functions for session information.》》8 kinds of high-strength encryption algorithms are provided for users to choose freely, reducing the risk of database files being cracked violently.》》Multiple merge modes are available. Fix the problem that the terminal is not synchronized with the SFTP directory under the Ubuntu system. After SSH is disconnected, …

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