v9.30.1 brings a list of features optimized as follows:

  1. Add the function of input completion to the text terminal, which currently supports the completion of historical information.
  2. Remove the limit that the number of columns cannot be less than 60 in the text terminal to avoid the internal inconsistency between the local and remote terminals, which will lead to abnormal display.
  3. Add a custom setting of serial port baud rate to meet the needs of RK3308 and other chips as high as 1500000 baud rate transmission.

4.[SFTP] Fixed the issue that the list does not support multiple file selection in Apple system.

5.[SFTP] Optimized SFTP text alignment issues.

6.[MacOS] Optimize for infrequent keystrokes.

It’s been almost a month since the last version was released. This period is devoted to the input and completion of the function. During the development, I encountered many problems:

The first is the problem of string prediction and replacement of command input. Different terminals such as bash/zsh/fish/powershell still have some differences in performance in different scenarios. In order to expand the scope of adaptation of functions as far as possible, many adjustments have been made in the implementation of terminal VT instructions. This is also thanks to the fact that I wrote most of the code in the terminal myself.

Secondly, the goal of code completion was to directly support the scripts completed by fish and zsh commands, so as to make full use of their open source resources. In order of implementation difficulty, the completion function of fish is implemented first, and then zsh.

Finally, the development cycle of this function is too long. Think about implementing the input completion function of history first, and try to complete the script support of fish during the Spring Festival. After all, only then can there be more spare time.

The following related features are displayed: