[SFTP] Optimize the FTP file association function.
[SFTP] Fixed the issue of not being able to open the program due to the reverse slash character on the Windows side.
[TextTerminal] Optimize the text selection boundary.You have mail in /var/spool/mail/root

[SFTP] Optimize the upload and download dialog box.
[SFTP] Optimize the alignment method of list file size.

Add border color to the menu
[SFTP] Fix a possible synchronization crash issue when editing files.

[SFTP] Optimize the logic of file monitoring.
[SFTP] Fixed the bug that the prompt box cannot be topped on Mac OS X.
[SFTP] Clean up cached files that are no longer needed.

Replace the application icon
[RDP] Fixed the blank block issue that appears at the bottom when logging into remote desktop with default non-intelligent stretch under 4K screen.