WoTerm v9.30.1 release

v9.30.1 brings a list of features optimized as follows: Add the function of input completion to the text terminal, which currently supports the completion of historical information. Remove the limit that the number of columns cannot be less than 60 in the text terminal to avoid the internal inconsistency between the local and remote terminals, …

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WoTerm v9.29.9~10 Release

v9.29.9 Optimize terminal fonts, removing Qt’s internal 13-point font limit. Improve the drag and drop experience when switching between Windows. v9.29.10 Fix the bug of manual floating window failure. Optimize the cache and the memory recycle of terminal to make it faster than before. Optimize the login logic of SSH to meet more complex multi-phase …

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WoTerm v9.29.3~8 release

[SFTP] Optimize the FTP file association function.[SFTP] Fixed the issue of not being able to open the program due to the reverse slash character on the Windows side.[TextTerminal] Optimize the text selection boundary.You have mail in /var/spool/mail/root [SFTP] Optimize the upload and download dialog box.[SFTP] Optimize the alignment method of list file size. Add border …

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WoTerm v9.29.2 Release

v9.29.2 [SFTP] Edit the file, add bubble prompt and synchronize, and optimize the two functions of pop-up prompt and confirm before synchronizing. [SSH] Fix default loading~/. ssh/config and/etc/ssh/ssh_ Configuration of the config system resulted in abnormal connection defects.

WoTerm v9.29.0 release

v9.29.0 [Text Terminal] Reconstruct the text terminal button module, allowing customization and use of button habits on different platforms. [Text terminal] Fixed the issue of mouse residue during Chinese movement. [Text Terminal] Optimize the frequency algorithm for automatic repetition of keyboard keys. [Text terminal] Add a bell sound to the text terminal to prompt the …

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WoTerm v9.28.13 release

v9.28.13 [VNC] Add intelligent stretching entry to the tab menu. [License] Redemption code: Potential old license duration without cumulative bug modification. [Session modification] Session attribute reconstruction, supporting the simultaneous existence of attributes on multiple platforms. No matter where the modification is made, it can be set to affect the global. [Session management] The feature of …

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WoTerm v9.28.12 release

v9.28.12 [Fast Positioning] Optimize the toolbar’s fast positioning box, allowing users to edit session properties. [Session Import] Support session import for xshell and securcrt. [SFTP] Optimize remote files to allow the creation of blank files. [SFTP] enhances the local editing capability of remote files, allowing for setting and selecting different editing tools based on different …

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WoTerm v9.28.11 Release

v9.28.11 [MacOS]Fixed a bug that could not start properly on the MacOS system. Currently, only the MacOS 13.5.1 Intel version is being tested. [Session history]When optimizing the deletion of a session, synchronize the deletion of the corresponding access history. [SFTP] Optimize the icon display of remote folders. [SFTP] Optimize default editing tools for remote files …

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WoTerm v9.28.10 Release

V9.28.10 [Session Management]Optimize for actively deleting old sessions when saving them. [Session Management] When optimizing session table connection for fast positioning, use up and down keys to quickly select and enter keys to connect. [VNC] Add encrypted connections and support built-in desktop connections for gnome desktops such as Ubuntu/Centos. [VNC] Fix crash caused by session …

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WoTerm v9.28.9 Release

V9.28.9[SFTP] Local file operation adds renaming files and friendly prompts.[SerialPort] Fixed a logical flaw in line splitting in hexadecimal and timeout modes in transparent output mode.[SerialPort] Add formatting friendly prompts for hexadecimal strings.[RDP] Fixed the issue of small and gray areas when the desktop zoom ratio exceeded 150% when repairing a 4K display screen.