[VNC] Add intelligent stretching entry to the tab menu.

[License] Redemption code: Potential old license duration without cumulative bug modification.

[Session modification] Session attribute reconstruction, supporting the simultaneous existence of attributes on multiple platforms. No matter where the modification is made, it can be set to affect the global.

[Session management] The feature of adding copy and editing to a session, ultimately positioning the target.

[Session Import] Add backup file import for Securecrt.

[SSH Session] Add SFTP independent tab entry to the SSH right-click menu.

[Text terminal] Optimize the copying and pasting of right-click and drag files to directly affect the system clipboard.

[Text Terminal] Fixed the issue of content crashing when searching up/down when there is no content present.

[Text Terminal] Fix the defect of incorrect text box selection in the text terminal.

[Cloud Backup] Optimize the sorting of cloud backup files by time, old and new.