WoTerm v9.24.1 Release

SFTP module optimization.》》A simple download queue management function has been added to support the upload and download of multiple folders and file lists.》》The function of breakpoint resume is added.》》Added the function of deleting multiple folders and files.》》Add folder memory function to access the latest folder. Add the directory synchronization function between SSH terminal and SFTP …

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WoTerm v9.24.0 Release

Fix the potential crash defect during version check when there is no network. Fix the problem that the About dialog box cannot display the hyperlink in the Centos environment. Add session grouping function, which can switch freely between grouping and list. Add password encryption processing to prevent password leakage by directly viewing the password through …

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WoTerm v9.23.2 Release

Optimize the installation script to prompt whether to start the program automatically after the installation is completed. Optimize the packaging method of the Apple system, and add scripts to remove “untrusted application attributes” and corresponding installation tutorials. Fix the problem of blank right click toolbar. Window switching automatically resets the window size to avoid the …

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WoTerm v9.23.1 Release

Repair the problem that the right click is on a tab. When the right click menu is clicked twice in succession, it is easy to trigger the tab to close. Prompt for optimization and upgrading only once a day. Add an icon to the main menu item.

WoTerm v9.23.0 Release

Fix the defect that the Dock attribute of the session list will become invalid in the English version. Optimize the disconnection prompt logic, allowing users to press Enter to resume networking. Optimize the networking prompt logic and allow other text to be copied in the networking process. Tips for upgrading the optimized version. Fix the …

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WoTerm v9.10 Release

Fix the crash bug that the VNC cache is too small. Add remote audio playback function, support Windows / Linux / Mac and other platforms. Migrate the file transfer function of feidesk so that it can directly start the transfer from the VNC interface.

WoTerm v8.03 Release

Starting from version 8.03, it will be transferred to corporate operation, and some defects accumulated in the early stage will be repaired later