WoTerm v9.28.7 Release

[SFTP] Add a switch in the administrator to double-click to open a local file.The number of entries accessing history has increased from 5 to 20.[Text terminal] Optimize the processing logic for pasting multiple lines of strings, making the line wrapping process as consistent as possible with the terminal mode.[Serial port]Add input history management function and …

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WoTerm v9.28.6 Release

V9.28.6[SSH]Optimize the connection method to automatically recognize identity files and support multiple key sources, including SSH Agent.[RDP] Add the feature of automatic reconnection.[TERM] Fixed the issue of garbled characters caused by multi country font input methods when remote session fonts are not UTF8 fonts.[RLogin and Telnet] Remove the related impact of QWoLoadingWidget to make it …

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WoTerm v9.28.5 release

v9.28.5 1. Optimize the display and hiding of tunnel daemons in the Dock taskbar under the MacOSX system. 2. Increase the confidentiality of configuration files to prevent arbitrary configuration modifications. 3. Enrich the main menu with various functional entrances, making it look more professional. 4. [SFTP] Fixed a bug where tab switching could cause the …

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WoTerm v9.28.4 release

V9.28.4 [SSH] Optimize the representation of SSH multi-layer Jump server crossing. [SSH] Add functions for SSH tunneling, including port mapping and SOCK4/5 proxy. [SFTP] Function optimization to fix the defect of failed deletion of local folders. [SFTP] Function optimization, adding column sorting function and numerical friendliness display optimization. [SFTP] Function optimization to increase display transmission …

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WoTerm v9.28.3 release

v9.28.3 1. Except for cloud synchronization and administrator functions, all other functions of the free version are open. 2. Fix a bug in ubuntu/mac where the local terminal cannot open windows, such as gedit. 3. Optimize exception handling during, during, and at the end of zmodem transmission. 4. Fix the crash of stopping the transmission …

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WoTerm v9.28.2 release

V9.28.2 1. Optimize the file drag and drop function of SFTP. 2. Optimize the upgrade prompt which there are wrong language display. 3. Fix communication download and upload issues with FreeSFTPd.

WoTerm v9.28.1Release

V9.28.11.Fix the icon of the floating window in the Taskbar so that it does not change with the skin.2.Fix the bug where the floating window may not exit when exiting full screen under Apple OS.3.Add a full screen menu entry to the tab.4.Refactoring the Microsoft Remote Desktop module, the Window version supports window file copying …

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WoTerm v9.28.0 release

V9.28.0 1. Fix the bug that it is no window icons under Linux. 2. Add the merging and separating functions of text terminals to meet the requirement of operating multiple remote hosts simultaneously. 3. Add script design functionality and provide rich examples to meet functions such as automated deployment and large screen dashboards.

WoTerm v9.27.2 release

Fix a bug where SFTP file editing crashes due to folder editing. Optimize terminal font display. Adjust the directory structure of resources to facilitate the expansion of skins, themes, and languages. Optimize the UI interface and add settings for multiple sets of skins and terminal background images.